Soft Bits Tuna & Chicken Fillet, Bonito/Chicken Soup/Squid 25g QSC-122


Cat Ciao was invented by making ingredients that are meticulously well. And with the deliciousness and variety of flavors and ingredients to choose from. It is a good choice for cat lovers like us. We know that green tea leaves of Japan is very famous and hasmany benefits. Extracted from green tea leaves mixed in food to help reduce the fishy smell.

Contains Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant while reducing debilitating conditions like allergies and arthritis. Fortified with Green Tea : Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Provides oral support for healthier teeth and gums. Comes with jelly, for urinary and digestive support


Low fat
Good source of hydration
No preservatives or colouring
Contains Vitamin E and green tea

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Chicken Fillet, Tuna, Chicken Oil, Dried Bonito, Dried Bonito Extract, Tapioca Modified Starch, Yeast Extract Powder, Scallop Extract, Squid Extract, Bonito Extra Powder, Vitamin E, Coloring Agents, Green Tea Powder

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